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Peter Zheutlin

How My Life Went to the Dogs

After relentless pressure from his wife and kids, Peter Zheutlin reluctantly agreed to get a family dog. When his wife suggested “a rescue dog,” he pictured a St. Bernard with a whisky barrel under its chin. But once they welcomed Albie, a yellow Lab, into their home, Zheutlin fell in love, developing a deep spiritual connection. 


Curiosity about Albie’s backstory led to many trips to the Deep South to observe and understand the canine overpopulation problem and to meet the heroes saving dogs’ lives. “Rescue Road” and “Rescued” resulted from those trips. Traveling with Albie resulted in “The Dog Went Over the Mountain: Travels with Albie, an American Journey.” 


Zheutlin, a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in The Boston Globe and The Christian Science Monitor, among other publications, is author or co-author of nine books. He is a graduate of Amherst College and Boston College Law School.


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