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Leaf Seligman

Opening the Window: A Sabbath Meditation on Paradox, Meaning and Joy

Leaf Seligman, writer and Unitarian Universalist minister, seeks to help us grapple with the challenges of modern life, inviting us to find in spirituality a path to contentment. She approaches traditional religious texts in a creative manner, offering new ways for us to consider abstract questions. How do we reconcile the brilliance of technology with the exploitation enlisted to produce it? How do we make sense of our lives in the context of the world that contains and sustains us? How do we answer the call to joy amid despair and disparity? How do we render wholeness out of brokenness, creating mosaics of beauty and functionality from the rent pieces of our lives? How do we open ourselves to spirit?

With a pastor’s sensibility, a writer’s lyricism, and a generous heart, Leaf Seligman invokes poetry, thinking from diverse spiritual traditions, and stories from her own walk through life to grapple with enduring religious themes and contemporary challenges.

Leaf Seligman is the minister at First Parish Church, Unitarian Universalist, in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and author of Opening the Window: Sabbath Meditations. A graduate of Harvard Divinity School, where she won the Billings Prize for Preaching, Leaf’s ministry has taken the shape of a volunteer chaplain in a hospital and a jail, a parish minister, a writing instructor, and a daily worshipper of the New Hampshire woods.