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Allison Aldrich Smith

How Can We Keep from Singing?

Everyone is born to sing. Communities thrive when they sing together, and all of us feel better when we sing in community. Allison Aldrich Smith founded Animaterra Women’s Chorus in 1997 in Keene, NH, and it quickly grew to 65 sisters in song, a community of friends who believe singing can change the world.


As a child, Smith couldn’t wait to join the junior choir and has never stopped singing. A music education and choral conducting major at Boston University, she’s taught music and dance for 25 years.


A maestro, choir director, herder of cats, Smith commands you to sing better than you ever have, and you do. She puts it more modestly: “I bring energy and experience to students and classes, guiding them to express themselves through traditional songs, dances, and more.” 


Animaterra alumni will be in the house so there will be singing! You will be singing.


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