2014 Speakers

Lecture Q&A Music
Sun 6/29/14 11:00am
Susan Maushart
The Winter of Our Disconnect: Reflections of a Digital Fugitive
Sun 7/6/14 11:00am
Marianne Donnelly
Louisa May Alcott: Beyond Little Women
Sun 7/13/14 11:00am
Dr. Willy Shih
Are We Seeing a Manufacturing Renaissance?
Sun 7/20/14 11:00am
Dr. Gail Dines
Growing Up in a Porn Culture
Sun 7/27/14 11:00am
Dr. Bill Banfield
The Crisis of Music Culture Today: What Are the Songs We Need to Hear?
Sun 8/3/14 11:00am
Dr. Bernd Heinrich
Nature: A Panacea to Our Problems?
Sun 8/10/14 (All day)
MacDowell Day
No Lyceum
Sun 8/17/14 11:00am
Dr. Lori Alvord
From Navajo Healing Ceremonies to Twenty-first Century Medicine
Sun 8/24/14 11:00am
Lois Lowry
One Writer’s Journey